Our activities in Giurgiu/Romania

In early 2014, we received hundreds cries for help saying that 200 dogs are going to starve in a public shelter in Giurgiu / Romania. It was said that the animals received no food and no water. No one is allowed to help the animals! We should please help urgently.
We have done that. We have taken care and what started only as an email protest at the beginning, is now a partnership with the City Giurgu in Romania.
DsN e. V. has taken over the complete supply of all 500 Shelter Dogs (there were more then the 200...)  at the end of march 2014!

Since the beginning of our activities, we were able to deliver nearly 230.000 kg dog food, paid for operations of injured dogs, have high pressure cleaner paid so that the boxes could have been cleaned, funded protection equipment for employees andsent  three transports from Germany with donations and clinical material to Romania.

The dogs were fed daily since then. They have been disinfected and washed. We have built three new puppies-kennel, water troughs were installed by us and so forth.

We reached a cooperation agreement with the city of Giurgiu, which prohibits the killing of stray dogs and the shelter dogs.



The mayor had actually decided against the killing of dogs in Giurgiu. We go together to a humane solution to the stray dog ​​problem.

More details of our contract with the city are:
- that all dogs get veterinary care
- that the Shelter is modernized
- that we will get a developable plot for a new, second 

Over months we have invested tenthousands of euros. Many of us donated their private money to the last cent to help the animals.

All who now see the Shelter, are absolutely thrilled with the changes that have taken place because of the cooperation with us! This is mainly due to our local partners, Eugenia and Nelu Pena and their daughter Christina in addition to the donors. The Pena family took volunteerly care of the Shelter dogs and is our primary contact in Giurgiu. Without them, such cooperation would not have been possible.

In dezember 2014 we were able to build a new quarantine facility and pull down the old one,

and the Shelter has been winterized with insulating material, financed by donations.





But the project isn`t over: In dezember 2015 we had to buy a ranch, to save 200 dogs from the shelter. Otherwise the mayor would have killed them.

We invested a lot of money for the purchase and later for all the constructions and supplies.

So as you can see, the work will not stop soon, especially since we have agreed that the whole shelter is renewed and enlarged.

Therefore: please help us! Ways to donate can be found here.




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